At Soulcial Motion we believe fitness is more meaningful when shared with others. Our classes aim to foster supportive bonds that last beyond the gym.  We celebrate what makes each person unique.

Our workouts aren't just effective, they're designed to bring people together in an inclusive and empowering community. Physical wellbeing is important, but true health comes from the deep connections we make along the journey. 

We leverage fitness and wellness to build community and give back through outreach programs and volunteer opportunities. 

Join our next group workout and experience an approach to fitness that focuses on building meaningful connections through movement. We guarantee you'll leave feeling energized, empowered and part of something bigger.




Check out what our fit fam says...

"Megan has fine tuned every aspect of group fitness."

"Megan is a master of her trade. She has fine tuned every aspect of group fitness so that every class is an experience of connection, inspiration, and therapy rather than being just another workout. She has found a way to engage the body, mind, and soul of every individual who enters her domain and help them understand what they are capable of both physically and mentally."

"She is a catalyst of progress and an encyclopedia of knowledge"

"I started with Megan four years ago and (after my first day where I was so out of shape that I almost passed out) I have rarely missed a class. I refer to Megan as my guru because she is so much more than a trainer. She is a catalyst of progress and an encyclopedia of knowledge that everyone truly deserves evolve into their healthiest, happiest self.”

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